Ketchikan, Alaska Fish Finder Charters

Ketchikan Sightseeing Tours

Ketchikan Alaska offers some of the most beautiful land scape in the world. The towering heavily timbered mountains shoot almost straight up out of the ocean. Along the coast line there is a huge population of animals, we frequently see bears rummaging through the rocks eating crab and standing in the luscious grass fields getting their fill of greens. Sitka black tailed deer that are specific to southeast alaska come down to the beaches to eat the fresh grass and get the salt and minerals out of some of the seaweed. Bald eagles line the shore in the tall trees looking for bait fish under water so they can swoop down and get their catch of the day. I've even seen them take salmon right out of the ocean! We have a lot of seals and sea lions roaming our waters it's very common to see both in the same bay or even lounging on the rocks catching some sun!

If you want a private water tour that we can customize to your preference give us a call we will make it happen!