Ketchikan, Alaska Fish Finder Charters

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A lifetime of Ketchikan, Alaska fishing experience.

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Fish Finder Charters
Ketchikan, Alaska.

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All safety equipment is up to date and exceeds US coast guard safety guidelines.

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Fish Finder Charters operates one of the fastest vessels in the Ketchikan fishing fleet!

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Captain Colby Slanaker has expert knowledge & years of experience!

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Ketchikan Fishing Charters

Fish Finder Charters now features a brand new oceanfront private Ketchikan Alaska fishing lodge.

Fish Finder Charters operates
one of the fastest vessels in the Ketchikan fishing fleet!

After many years of fishing these waters, Colby has gained knowledge on where the fish will be biting on the day of your fishing trip. Captain Colby Slanaker has expert knowledge & years of experience when it comes to navigating the waters of Ketchikan and catching all five species of Alaska Salmon.

Fish Finder Charters is based out of Ketchikan, Alaska which is a prime location for anglers looking to catch their fill of Alaska Halibut & Alaska Salmon. Captain Colby Slanaker’s charter fishing service offers a thrilling Ketchikan Guided Fishing Trips for anglers that are looking for heart pumping Salmon Fishing & Halibut Fishing. The Pacific Halibut is the most talked about Gamefish found in Alaskan Waters. Our Ketchikan Halibut Fishing Charters will deliver unparalleled action on your next Ketchikan fishing adventure. Ketchikan King Salmon (Chinook) is another popular target species for many of our guests. King Salmon Fishing Charters provide fierce fighting action for anglers that are looking to try their hand at tackling Large Salmon. Please take some time to view my website and you'll find that we offer several types of fishing charters and Ketchikan Sightseeing Tours.

“5 ladies (ages 35 to 65) fished for salmon. We had an awesome time. Caught our limit (there will be some serious fish eating in Florida) and laughed like crazy. A harbor seal entertained us with his salmon-catching abilities but I think we were more adept (thanks to Capt. Colby)! Go fishing with Colby."

Bet Dewey

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“My most memorable Mother's Day was this passed May when my family went fishing with Colby, his wife and daughter. Not only did we catch Our limits in King salmon, but we saw three brown bears and pulled up a ton of Dungeness crab! I've lived in Ketchikan all my life and have enjoyed many outdoor fishing experiences, but nothing will compare to the amount of fun I had on this special trip with Colby and his family. He even had my toddler amazed the entire time! Thank you, Colby! We can't wait to fish with you again : )"

Rebekah Beckett

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Colby was a born and bred Alaskan commercial fisherman who left that to ensure myself and others to have the opportunity (not guarantee but the best possible opportunity) to get out in the true Alaskan waters and have a chance at Wild Alaskan salmon and or halibut, Colby's knowledge goes beyond these crazy Alaskan waters and fills the Alaskan wilderness with his avid hunts, I give 10 stars on a 5 star max rating, you won't be disappointed."

Jeff Owings

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“We arrived in Alaska, as our first excursion in Alaska, we chose fishing with Fish Finders, Cpt Colby. What a GREAT choice. We had the best fishing trip ever. Limited out in just 3 hours and had a blast doing it. He was very easy to fish with and really knows his stuff. As avid fishermen, we were more than happy and would highly recommend him to anyone who goes to Ketchikan for a GREAT fishing experience. We will be back because of him and can't wait. WE WILL BE BACK!"

Deni Hand

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Please call Fish Finder Charters at 907-254-4868
to book your next Ketchikan fishing charter!

Ketchikan is known as the salmon capitol of the world. This is because of the many rivers with prime spawning grounds that surround our island. All 5 species of salmon are very abundant (and tasty)! Depending on what time of year you book your trip is what defines which species of salmon we will be targeting.

The high volume of salmon returning to spawn bring the halibut with them! Although we have resident halibut around all year, a larger biomass comes in with the salmon to feed. This makes our location the perfect place for a Ketchikan combination fishing charter targeting Alaska Salmon and Alaska Halibut in the same day.

Aside from the main fish everyone knows about, we also have a lot more fishing options. While bottom fishing for halibut it's not uncommon to catch rockfish, red snapper, ling cod, pacific cod, turbot, spiny dog fish, or even a giant skate. All of them put up a great fighting experience.

We also offer a self guided boat for rent. If you want a DIY (do it yourself) fishing trip to chase Salmon, halibut, crab and more be sure to give us a call! For more information click Self Guided Fishing.

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